Ever since actor Yasir Hussain proposed to actress Iqra Aziz on stage of the Lux Style Awards 2019, social media has been abuzz with mixed responses. While most of the responses are questioning Yasir Hussain’s awkward public display of affection after Iqra Aziz said yes, there are many who have come forward in support of the newly engaged couple.


There’s a third group like me who just can’t get over Yasir’s cringeworthy unapologetic behaviour over some of the insensitive and offensive things he has said in the past — the child molestation joke, the transgender and homophobic jokes, the danedar/appearance jokes and then rendering the most insincere apologies ever.

So he begins the proposal by saying something like he’s won two awards already and now was the time for the third one. I would normally find this cute but I know the person saying it is a cringe-worthy buffoon and I immediately started thinking if he termed Iqra as some trophy with the whole third award analogy. Say what you may but to me the whole thing looked awkward.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with the public display of affection as long as it’s consensual and as uncomfortable as Iqra may have seen in the video, it’s not up to me to say if this was one-sided, it’s up to Iqra.

But, your behaviour will definitely be scrutinised when you have already had three strikes — maybe more? — in the past. If you didn’t know, here’s a recap.

2017 Hum TV Awards where he made child molestation joke

The cringe first came to everyone’s attention when he ruined the award night for everyone by making the child molestation joke. When actor Ahsan Khan won an award for his role in Udaari — a critically acclaimed serial that tackled society’s dark side including child abuse — the host Yasir Hussain made the remark “such a handsome child molester, I wish I was a child too”.

Transgender jokes

He was playing a transgender woman in Anwar Maqsood play Naach Na Janay and he posted his attire and replying to multiple comments, he used the terms “transgender” as an insult and also used other derogatory terms to hurl insult against the commenters.

Mocking someone’s appearance/struggles

Yasir Hussain really hit it low when he referred to actor Hania Aamir as Daanedar/dotted when she shared her struggle with acne and anxiety. And when called out for the same by Hania he, like every time, tried to gaslight her and said she is too much of a ‘burger’ to understand what he said and that he was not joking.

I know right, such moronic and shamelessly unapologetic behaviour and yet the expectation from others to get behind him and his cringe-worthy proposal? I’m sorry but I’m not gonna jump to celebrate your “third award”.