BIZTEK University Scams!

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If you’ve been believing that only the politicians are corrupt? Guess how many mafias we have? The land mafia, bhatta mafia, media mafia, trading mafia and this mafia and that mafia? Did you know there’s another mafia run by the educational institutes! It’s become the story of many of the colleges that they promise many things at the time of admission and once you’re trapped, you’re like a prisoner if the things are exactly opposite to what was offered! Such are the reports from students of a so called “Institute of Business & Technology i.e. BIZTEK!” Here’s what’s been done with one of the students;

I have recently got admission in BIZTEK after my Bcom in MCS.
At the time of admission the course outline offered to me was fine and looked good. It was of 2 years having 90 credit hours.
After paying the fees the city campus which is close to my house, refused to offer MCS course. I went to main campus and they were unaware of any MCS course even being offered. After runnign aroudn for 2 weeks they told me that they don’t have many MCS students and they told me that they are re-structuring the MCS courses again and mean while they told me to sit for 6 courses which they were offering to BSCS students. The courses are
1. Calculus and geometry
2. English
3. Physics
4. Islamic Studies
5. Programming Fundamentals
6. Intro to Computing
They even said that according to the new policy I can only get the degree when I will complete 30 courses in 3 years, which at the time of admission was 2 years and I was not being told that the course outline will change and I will have to do the courses which I already took in like Islamic studies, english and maths.
I have compared the MCS courses of other reputable universities like fast and szabist and they are not offering english or physics to MCS students, Which makes me think that they are forcing me to sit with BSCS students.

I have sent several emails. The staff at main campus refused to talk to me and told me to email them. I have all the emails and I never got reply to any of them.
Please advice what should I do, I have even contacted the campuses and they said they no refudn policy and you can not do anything.
Advice needed. !!!

This is such a shame that is being done in the name of noble profession of education! No wonder we’re in such a mess today! I am just not sure what the HEC is doing in this regard.


    1. What is problem with IBT UNI please tell me in detail because i am shifting my uni form iqra to Biztek ?

      Suggestion will be appreciated..

  1. Biztek has done the same to me. Exactly the same. The only difference is that I’ve been running around for a refund for the past three months. The bad thing is that I had seen this link before taking admission there and it’s my stupidity that I ignored it. I’ve been defrauded but save yourself. Never even think about going to Biztek.

  2. Together we can & we will destroy BIZTEK
    …”insha-ALLAH”… , write names of devils who are not returning your fees, attack them personally, if we let BIZTEK get away with this, this will become a business like mobile snatching, it has now become a permanent job for thieves.

  3. Everybody who is employed by BIZTEK are worst than “PROSTITUTES” because a prostitute gives/provides you a service against money, even a prostitute don’t lie & don’t provide that service after that taking your money because a prostitute don’t take your money in advance, before providing a service.

  4. Top 3 Devils at nazimabad campus of BIZTEK are listed below
    1. Jamil Khan……Examination department
    2. Muhammad Hussain Khorasany……Director
    3. Summaiya Mazhar Khan……Academics

    They are not refunding my fees & security deposit…the word refundable is mentioned everywhere along with security deposit

  5. Although my sympathies r wd those who didnt get good response from Biztek. … but my experience while starting wd thz institute was good. d management + faculty members r good n coperative enough. infact wht evr i m today iz just becz of d education tht my institute provided 2 me. n m prOud 2 b a bIztekIan……………… 😉

  6. Biztek is not a good University. There is not good education and there is many many problems seens which i also face.
    There management is not good and they play the students future.
    I was also the student of Biztek in BS(SE) program but I leave this University in after 1 month and my some friends also leave biztek with me and 80% students of biztek wants to leave this university because worried and they knew uni scams.

    I advice all that Please don’t go to BIZTEK for admission.
    There is many reputable Universities like PAF-KIET, IQRA, SZABIST, IBM, MAJU, KU , etc.
    Now I am studying in Paf-Kiet in BS(CS) Software Engineering.

  7. i have faced the same experience 2 years before, every time i go to pay my semester fees they charge penalty on my fees i have pay lots of money in penalties on every course they charge 7 to 8000 penalty. I have advise all people that please don’t go to BIZTEK

  8. @ urban

    The HEC has nothing to do with this. ALl the HEC recognized universities do offer MCS 2.5 year course to students. Its actually a degree made for the people who wanna switch to different field. Being a Bcom if I go for MCS 2.5 year that will make my MCS a 4 year. 2+2+6 months. So It actually fulfills the 126 credit hours of bachelors criteria of HEC.

    Now apki baat ki taraf ate hai, Yeh story pori soch samjh k di gaye hai. Please loot at the other universties before posting such comment.
    3.5 years ki kahani sirf MBA holders k liye hai not for others.

    for refrence you can visit SZABIST, VU, KU and PAF-KIET campuses or websites to see. They are all offering MCS after 2 year bachelors program.

  9. BIZTEK recently changed there whole faculty and staff. The new management is not ready to take new challenges and they want to just keep there pockets filled by fooling around with underage kids, who actually came to to BIZTEK to get quality educations.

    My sincere advice to people ” PLEASE DON’T GO FOR BIZTEK, there are more and better universities available.

  10. one more thng, agr koe b uni is polcy ko folw nahe karay gi to wo HEC se recgns nahe rahay gi… soo is polcy ko folw karna uni k liye b zarori hai or tum logo k liye b… bc agr 2yrz matrs kar b liya kahi se jo HEC se rcgns nahe to wo mastrz dgre excpt simple papr k elawa or kch nahe…

  11. sory guyz… but i thnk tum log newz dekhtay nahe ho ya news papr parhtay nahe ho.. ya may b tum log is kabil hi nahe ho… bcz ye policy biztek ki nahe k 2yearz bachlr k bad 3.5yearz mastrz zarori hai… ye HEC ki apni polcy hai jo rcntly announc hoe hai… so itz bettr fr u guyz k kisi par taunt ya commnt karnay se pehle thnk fr a while thn srch fr it… pir ja kar apna view ya commnt doo…

  12. That is not only the case, They gave admission to several students of MBA, saying them that the course will be of 2 years. Just after students paid them money they said that HEC road-map has been changed and all you can do is study 3.5 years or leave without we are going to pay you back. They were suppose tell all this at the time of admission.

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