[Action Alert] Sindh Pakistan Floods 2011 | A humanitarian disaster the world is just waking up to

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By Aly Balagamwala| September 15, 2011

The floods that hit Pakistan in 2010 were the worst in the history of the country, submerging nearly a fifth of the country under water, affecting 20 million people, rendering over 400,000 homeless, killing around 2000 people, and ruining over 1.6 million acres of crops!

Relief agencies and private individuals in Pakistan and all over the world scrambled to provide aid to the affected. Newspapers were filled with photographs of the flood and its hapless victims, prompting people to do more.

Snap back one year later to the present, as the citizens had yet to return to some sense of normalcy, putting behind the haunting memories of the past year, the skies opened up again and the province of Sindh, specifically the central part of it (in the areas of Thatta, BadinTando Muhammad KhanTando Allahyar, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar and Benazirabad) started being deluged once again. As rains continue the area being affected has widened.

Image courtesy United Nations

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How may I help?

  • Donate your time: start fund raising efforts among your friends and co-workers. Send them a copy of this article so that they may see the videos and pictures of the floods and the relief efforts.
  • Donate your money: See the information below for the organizations working below and help them by donating generously.


PkRelief / SA Relief

For further information please email Dr Awab AlviFaisal KapadiaAbdulrahman Rafiq, or Sabahat Ashraf atpkfloods@sarelief.com.

Funds are being collected by Paksef (Pakistan Science and Engineering Foundation) which is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit Corporation in California. SA Relief operates under Paksef.

Local Pakistan residents can donate via our local Bank:

Bank: Bank Al Habib

Account Title: Abdul Rahim

Account#: 1078-0081-001670-01-4

Branch Code: 1078

Contact Person: Email Faisal Kapadia at pkfloods@sarelief.com


Karachi Relief Trust

Donation through cheques can be made in favor of Karachi Relief Trust

You can also deposit donations directly to our account:

Title: Karachi Relief Trust

AC#: 0786-79007283-03

Bank: Habib Bank Ltd.

Address: Corporate Center, 2 HBL Plaza, I I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

For those making payments from abroad:



Rotary Club of Karachi

Rotary Club of Karachi Charitable Trust

Standard Chartered Bank NY USA

ABA No 026002561, SWIFT Code SCBLUS – 33XXX  for credit to

Bank Al Habib Ltd Account No: 3582035242001 for further credit to

BAHLPKKAKHI for ultimate credit to

Rotary Club of Karachi Charitable Trust

Account No: 1001-0081-168218-01-7

Note: Please send an email to rotarykhi@gmail.com with the donation details so we may check with the bank and send you a receipt / accounts / pictures for your record. We can also provide you a Certificate for Income Tax exemption for use in Pakistan.

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