Arfa Karim Fights For Life After a Heart Attack

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Arfa Karim, 16, who became world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in 2004 is suffering from a serious medical condition after a heart attack on December 28, 2011. She’s still not in senses and her condition is further deteriorating. Doctors say they are doing their best but there aren’t much hopes as the condition is really critical and she’s still on machines. Her father has appealed for the prayers.

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  1. danykhan, the blogspot you pointed out says nothing about what her mother described. In fact, her mother wasn’t even mentioned in the story. What are you implying? If you want to start a rumor, perhaps you should do it to people that are still alive rather than destroy the good memories people do have of their deceased. In addition, this story has nothing to do with any political or military dealings between the US and Pakistan, so you need to keep comments to yourself that have no purpose.

  2. message for her great parents [Angel Arfa Karim Randhawa ]
    I am so sorry for your loss, may the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.
    May her soul rest in peace in heaven!
    Although it is a big loss for whole nation.

  3. Inalillah Wainailehe Rajeon !!!
    wo chali gai ……..yeh uska time nahi tha jany ka
    it is not breaking news it is Heartbreaking news
    very very sad news yar no words for her ,Angel Arfa Karim Randhawa Zinda rahy gi hamesha

  4. InshAllah wo bht jald apnay kadmon pa khari ho jai g Pakistan ka aik asa phool jis ko duniya manta hai Allah bht jald theak karay ga inshAllah

  5. Please Please Allah we are praying and you are the only who safe his life, we trust only on you and we hope you will not disappoint us.

    1. plese allah we are praying and you are the only who safe his life,we trust only on you and we hope you will not disappoint us.

  6. ya allah tu arfa kareem randhawa ko sehet bakhsh de, arfa pakistan ka fakhar hai, hum sab ko arfa per naz hai, kamran khan

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