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Alright, it’s been long since I haven’t boasted about the mentions and appreciations got from the mainstream and new media. But I am not going to keep it unsung! Here I have started collecting all the links and mentions we got.

Sep 2008, NYTimes Blog:
It was of a huge excitement that my post which I originally wrote for GlobalVoicesOnline was mentioned in NYTimes blog for the first time.

March 2009, BBC World:
My accounts on the attacks on Sri-Lankan Cricket team were featured on BBC World here:

March 2009, Guardian UK:
My entire article on the attacks on Sri Lankan cricket team was published in Guardian UK here:

I was in the classroom when we heard the loud sound of those bloody shots. We got curious, speculating about what had really happened and one of my friends passed on a joke and we carried on. But I sensed something was wrong and something terrible had happened.

Five minutes later, I received an SMS from a friend saying terrorists had attacked the Sri Lankan team bus and the police squad. Just then, a friend of mine was phoned by a relative and in the middle of the call he shouted loudly about the incident.

Everyone including our instructor got scared and our instructor was kind enough to let us go. My university is just near Liberty, the attack scene. We could see the traffic jam and a panic situation on the road outside my university.

For full reading, please click here

June 2009, Dawn News TV:
This was when I broke the news of the Terrible Blunder in the Presidency which was later picked up by the mainstream media.

July 2009, Dawn News TV:
This was picked up by Dawn News as best piece of news coming from the “political circus” ; )

July 2009, Dawn News TV:
PPP’s bully boys taking revenge as part of their policy “Democracy is the best revenge” 😛

August 2009, Dawn News TV:
Apology to the Pakistani Christians

Well, there are more, I still have to find them out in the bookmark archives. Will update the page soon.

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