Live TV brings live tv streaming of various TV channels. You can enjoy 100% working streaming of various TV channels and can be rest assured the stream will remain live whenever you need it the most. This is because we work in partnership with the service providers to bring you live streaming in purely legal way.

Watch Live TV Channels


Currently we have a limited amount of TV channels in our panel but we’re constantly working with service providers to bring more channels on our website. The channels we currently have is Ten Sports, Hum Sitaray and Hum Masala. In future, we’re bringing more news channels that you can watch live including Geo News, Dunya News, Express News, ARY News, Samaa News, Geo Entertainment and many others.

The internet users from Pakistan and the expat community normally does not have time to follow and watch TV regularly which is why they watch TV online a lot of time. Live streaming service online helps them enjoy their favourite shows and keep up with the content they want to watch.’s live tv streaming serves its audience with high speed and high quality broadcasts of various tv channels. We’re constantly working to improve our service and your user experience. You’re welcome to give us feedback to improve this service.