Mentions & Appearances

June 2014, India Post Live
I was invited on the panel of’s live Webcast to speak on the subject of “Pakistan: A landmine for journalists?”

Journalists from both sides of the border came together to have an insightful discussion without reaching for each others throats.

I am brought in at around 00:18:30 but I am cut short because of the poor bandwidth. I again speak at around 00:40:20 and this time the connection was better (thank heavens). And then for the final comment at 01:02:00.

Spring 2013, We Magazine – India Edition

This is me in India edition of We Magazine. They did a fun Aman Ki Asha article featuring myself and a young techie from India published in both print and online. Yatin from India and I (sort of) interviewed each other hoping to clear misunderstandings. Full article can be read here.


January 2011, The Express Tribune Magazine
I was mentioned in one of The Express Tribune Magazine’s Year in Review articles titled “On a (blog) roll” published both in print and online. Following is only the highlighted portion of the article, click here for full reading.


August 2009, Adage:
The story shoved under the carpet by the mainstream media — the death of a contestant while performing a challenge for a reality show sponsored by Unilever — was first reported by (Another one of my sites covering advertising trends at the time but has been merged into This fact has been acknowledged by the prestigious Global advertising magazine Adage which prompted Unilever to go public about this incident. This massively viral story spread like a fire in the forest and is one of the original stories I did that got the Best News Broken on a Blog Award. This is what they wrote in their story:

The news was originally reported Monday on Pakistani e-magazine, then picked up yesterday by a handful of blogs and Twitter posters.

Aarpix, which was down for maintenance at press time, based its report on information from the man’s cousin, who said Mr. Khan died during an “underwater challenge” posed by the show’s host, Pakistani model Amina Sheikh, according to versions of the story posted on blogs.

July – August 2009, Dawn News TV:

At least four of my blog posts from were featured in various episodes of DawnNewsTV’s show WiredAndActive. I have merged the specific clips into a single video below:

The contents of this video are owned by Dawn News TV

March 2009, The Guardian UK:

My coverage of the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team was also published on The Guardian as eyewitness account here:

I was in the classroom when we heard the loud sound of those bloody shots. We got curious, speculating about what had really happened and one of my friends passed on a joke and we carried on. But I sensed something was wrong and something terrible had happened.

Five minutes later, I received an SMS from a friend saying terrorists had attacked the Sri Lankan team bus and the police squad. Just then, a friend of mine was phoned by a relative and in the middle of the call he shouted loudly about the incident.

Everyone including our instructor got scared and our instructor was kind enough to let us go. My university is just near Liberty, the attack scene. We could see the traffic jam and a panic situation on the road outside my university.

For full reading, please click here

March 2009, BBC World:

My accounts on the attacks on Sri-Lankan Cricket team were featured on BBC World here:

In addition eyewitnesses have posted their accounts. Farhan Janjua was attending a university class at the time of the attack. On his blog he describes the shock of hearing the gunshots and the growing tension which he and his classmates felt:

“Everyone including our instructor got scared and he was kind enough to let us go…. Rumours kept on coming from all over that there were huge casualties in this attack, few said that Sri Lankans were also amongst them.”

Farhan says : “My heart relaxed to know that Sri Lankans are safe, but at the same time, my heart started mourning to hear about the casualties of local policemen.”

March 2009, ABC Australia’s Triple J:

Shortly (half an hour, maybe) after the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team on March 3, 2009, I was contacted by ABC Australia’s Triple J radio while I was still at the campus and to give my accounts of the situation. You can judge the stress from my voice in the following audio, I even said Australian instead of Sri Lankan without realizing it:

Sep 2008, NYTimes Blog:

NYTimes’ Times Topics section featured one of my posts which I originally wrote for GlobalVoicesOnline for the first time.