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  1. i just came to know about your blog. and now i am writing to have permission to write for guppu.
    by time passing, i would love to see the blogs in archive of guppu.


  2. Karachi chamber of commerce and industry or rich business people business club?
    Now days Karachi chamber of commerce and industry seems like play ground of rich business people.
    To make any business group for chamber of commerce election only depend on financial position of group .might is right rich have right to run the chamber of commerce of industry.
    To select for election for president totally depend on group ladder personal like dislike. Same criteria for managing committee member apply. So they spend time to make happy
    Their ladders and don’t have time look real business problem of small and medium businesses. The time left after serving and make their ladders they attend meeting and making pictures only.
    And asking photographer to get good look picture so they could tag to wall of chamber of commerce and their personal offices. this chamber don’t take interest to work for small and medium business
    Companies, shop keeper have their associations but many small and medium businesses normally those run by offices don’t have any associations. And they have not one guide or help
    Them.karachi chamber work for big and power full business houses to get more relaxation in taxes and facilities. Right now goods transporter in strike but chamber president and ladder
    Wake up when their cargo have problem as long they don’t have problem they don’t bother. Chamber office barer mostly busy making their personal contact with government officials,
    Governor, ambassador of many countries and they race to make more close pictures with them so they could show to others. If look the history of this meeting only limited people meet time to time.
    No small and medium business don’t chance to meet them unless you are close relation with any big. Rich fat guy. No research result announce for future business prospects and progress
    From chamber for its member. This internet age every meeting could go live in internet so business people not all around the city infect all around country as well world could learn if chamber really
    Doing dome thing for them not only for big guys and personal interest. Now time to ministry of commerce ask their friends in chamber of commerce in Karachi to work for prosperity for this city and
    For the county. Other wise this chamber have no use for real progress of Karachi in particular and general in our country Pakistan

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