Pakistan's original and award-winning blog on news, politics and culture


Voice of Internet is an award-winning blog by digital journalist Farhan Janjua and discusses topics such as digital security, privacy, freedom of expression, intersectional queer, and satirical commentary/memes from Pakistan and beyond.

Voice of Internet also undertakes research on the topics of digital security, rights and privacy and uses this platform to highlight cases of abuse and violations concerning those rights. It offers consultancy and equips activists, journalists and social entrepreneurs with the digital tools to advance their work.


Farhan Janjua founded a digital media project by another name in 2007 which also rose to prominence because of its exclusive scoops and coverage of the issues ignored by mainstream media. It earned Farhan numerous mentions in the mainstream media of Pakistan and abroad. Check out some of our media mentions here.

Awards and Honours

Awarded ‘Best News Broken on a Blog’ award by CIO and Google Pakistan in 2010. Check out the video:

Digital Security Certification by Reporters without Borders, Germany

Farhan Janjua is also a certified Digital Security Trainer and received his certification from Reporters without Borders, Germany after undergoing rigorous training in Berlin.


Shuttleworth Foundation’s Flash Grant

Voice of Internet was the recipient of Shuttleworth Foundation’s Flash Grant in 2016.

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